Donations Sought

Do you want us to evaluate your handy product?  Do you have some cool goodies that you no longer need?  Here at EGMakerSpace we love testing out new gadgets and assembling new kits.  We also love recieving donations for use in the space!

Here’s our current wish list for donations!

Paper Trimmer
Stationary (copy paper, pens, note pads, rulers etc…)


Extension Leads
Power Boards

anything that you think they would like in the wood/metal room

Acrylic Paints (craft room)
Primary Colours
Paint Brushes
Artists Brushes

Of course most donations are gratefully received, so before you take it to be recycled see if the space can use it…

One persons junk is another persons treasure……


One thought on “Donations Sought

  1. Scott, if library starts up I have a few books. There was talk of it just saw on facebook. Just let me know when your at Morgan st and Ill bring them up and the cardboard. Thanks Ali