Maker Workshops

Natural Potions   Sunday, 16 June

Learn how to make your own balms out of natural products.

  • Cost: $10 non member, members $5
  • 1pm start

Theory of Colour with Helen Hurle Sunday, 23rd June

Have you ever wanted to get creative but not sure where to start…well, this may be just what you need to get you going.

Every day life is full of colour, from the colours you love in nature to the colours you choose to wear, or the colour you choose to paint your house.

In this workshop, Helen will cover the fundamentals of colour, from understanding:

  • primary, secondary and tertiary colours (and how to make them)
  • how to differentiate a tone from a hue (and other tricky terms for colours)
  • the meaning and effect of complimentary and analogous colours

We will paint a colour wheel and, if time permits, create a picture from what we have learned.

When you have mastered basic colour theory, you will find you can apply it to all sorts of things. From painting, sewing and crafts to digital design, from interior design to coordinating your wardrobe and accessories. We are sure you will find a million (or more) other possibilities when you start looking!

  • Cost: $5 non member, members free
  • 1pm start

Car Maintenance  Sunday, 30 June

Spark plugs, battery, tyres and anything else you ask about.

  • Cost: $15
  • 1pm start

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