The East Gippsland MakerSpace is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 – No. A0057295P.  The group is run by an elected committee and all financial members are entitled to vote at meetings.  Our current committee members and their roles are as follows:

Chairperson (executive role) Jewels Truluck
Responsible for conducting/chairing all monthly meetings. Presents a report at the AGM. Liaise other committee members regarding MakerSpace matter on a regular basis.  Delegates responsibilities as required to other committee members.  Help draft the annual budget with the Treasurer.  Act as signatory to the bank accounts.  Act as point of contact with interest groups, business leaders and East Gippsland Shire Council.  General support to all committee members

Vice Chairperson (executive role) Gill Davis
Supports the role of the Chairpersons and adopts their role in their absence.  Primary member liaison officer.  Maintains an open and clear line of communication between members and management.  Acts as signatory to the banks accounts.  Hold regular training and information session for new members.  Oversee committee training and development

Secretary (executive role) Donna Myers
Records, keeps and distribute all minutes of any committee meeting after each meeting.  Records all incoming and outgoing correspondence.  Presents actual correspondence to the meeting and responds to the correspondence as agreed by committee instructions.  Notifies committee members of upcoming meetings.  Prepares written agenda for meetings (in consultation with president and other committee members) prior to each meeting.  Maintains committee files at the Makerspace.  Organises AGM Handout Booklet with President.  Acts as signatory to the bank accounts

Treasurer (executive role) Scott Lamshed
Is responsible for maintaining detailed accounting records using appropriate financial software and preparing financial reports each month to be presented at committee meetings.  Manages all funds flowing in and out of the Makerspace.  Acts as signatory to the bank accounts.  Prepares the Annual Budget for the following year with the President.  Monitors budget in consultation with committee members

Marketing and Public Relations Officer Gill Davis
Maintains and updates website and Facebook page to ensure content is current and correct.  Writes and distributes committee newsletter to members.  Promotes social functions and fundraising activities.  Looks for innovative ways to promote the Makerspace.  Promotes the Makerspace with a view to maintaining healthy membership numbers.  Places notices in the local media and produces press releases for upcoming , human interest stories, thank you’s to organisation who donate funds to the Makerspace, etc.  Edit and publish information about the Makerspace and keeps publicity materials fresh and up to date

Grants and procurement officer Vacant
Identify and write submissions for relevant and appropriate grants on behalf of the committee.  Identify relevant and appropriate fundraising opportunities.  Sources and applies for community and government grants. Prepares proposals to submit with grant applications, which may include obtaining quotes from contractors.  Provide feedback to committee of management regarding requirements and results from grant applications.

Maintenance and OHS officer Daniel Troy
Maintain the Makerspace premises (and grounds) to ensure they are safe for all community and they comply with current Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.  Consults regularly with President to determine maintenance priorities.  Communicate with president, treasurer and other committee membersin regards to maintenance  requirements and costs involved and budget.  Notifies committee of any Workplace health and safety issues which need addressing and ensure issues are seen through to resolutions.  Maintain record of each work status and history of maintenance carried out as required.  Organise and oversee any working bees.  Raise any maintenance issues which need addressing at committee meetings or in urgent circumstances (to president or vice president) and ensures issues are seen through to resolution.  Maintain communication with outgoing maintenance/OHS officer when necessary to ensure continuity.  Responsible for approaching businesses and corporations for the purpose of equipment acquisitions and donations.

Technology officer Vacant
Responsible for the management of all members/committee records data entry.  Look after all Makerspace IT requirements.  Update membership process and look for ways to facilitate improvement in office management and administration process.  Ensures Makerspace inventory database is maintained and organise subcommittee volunteers for assistance when required.  Responsible for approaching businesses and corporations for the purpose of equipment acquisitions and donations

Social and fundraising officer Vacant but see Gill Davis
Creates fundraising calender for the year in consultation with other committee members.  Keeps a diary of events and all significant details to be shared with all committee members.  Organises and co-ordinates all social events in the Makerspace for both members and non-members.   Responsible for the planning and co-ordination of all functions, scheduling of dates and organising volunteer.  helpers and subcommittee members to assist.  Organises sales of Makerspace merchandise.  Organises collection of fees for events and activities with treasurer

Membership officerVacant but see….. Tracey McKeown
Responsible for organising membership drives in consultation with the Marketing and PR officer.  Responsible for compiling Makerspace membership packages and create a fee structure in consultation with the Treasurer.  Co-ordinating membership drives as part of a fundraising goal in consultation with the Social/Fundraising officer.   Maintain membership records and send renewal reminders to existing members.  Explore innovative ways to promote the benefits of a Makerspace membership.  Development of a growth program specifically for the Makerspace and presented to the Committee for approval.  Provide regular encouragement at the Makerspace meetings for recruitment of quality members.  Preparation and implementation of orientation sessions.  Reporting to the Committee on ways to reduce the loss of members.  Coordination with other committee members in fulfilling these responsibilities

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