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  1. Hello,

    I will be coming along on Saturday but I have a question. Will you at some stage be offering workshops on silversmithing?

    • Shane,
      We are so glad to hear you will be attending our official launch on Saturday.
      With regards to silversmithing, if there is enough call to do a workshop and we can get someone to run a workshop, then for sure it would be something we would do.

  2. Hi,
    I am interested in knowing more about your group, Both my wife and myself are always doing ,and making things ,and always interested in learning more, but we are 60 kys from B’dle,—— could not make it to the open day.

    • Hi Eric,

      We have open days once a month “Monthly Maker Mayhem” 1st Sunday of the month.
      Which happens to be next Sunday 7th October.
      If you happen to be in Bairnsdale at other times and let us know we would be happy to give you a private tour of the space and answer any questions you have about the MakerSpace.
      You can read more about our Memberships HERE

      You can also join our Facebook group page HERE
      Where you can see on a daily basis about the things we are up to and the things we have planned as a group or individuals

      Thank you for your interest
      PR and Marketing

    • Hi Eric,

      We meet on the first Sunday of each month and most Wednesdays. If these do not suit you give me a call on 0432 046625 to arrange a tour. We will be open this Sunday from 12.



  3. i usually take a ww2 veteran for a drive each saturday, any chance we could have a look around your workshop say at about 11 – 11.30?
    chris marshall
    if yes where abouts are you located?

    • Hi Chris,

      Saturday is fine, call me on 0432 046625 to arrange a time that suits you. We are at 25 Morgan Street, Bairnsdale.



  4. I have a lot of sticks from the big red gum trees.
    In the street near the side gate at 50 greene St.,

    I left 2 black desk chairs at the front door for table use.

    The shire meetings at Community college should be good to attend.

    I saw Box Hill Community Art centre yesterday and collected a book on their user groups. It is possibly easier to maintain than ours..

  5. Have a lovely day…Bastion Point was passed today so the beach or bay will be completely different after 25 years of protest..recreational boatingomey will probably be available or already allocated.

    Is this the best use of resources for recreational boating improvements for all of East Gippsland.
    Expected to cost $6 million.

  6. Hi there, I am part of a new Facebook page for East Gippsland called ‘WHAT’S ON IN EAST GIPPSLAND’ where anyone is welcome to post events and happenings etc for the East Gippsland Area. We’re extending out the invite to all venues, individuals, groups, etc in the area to use our page as a platform for promoting events etc. I hope to see you there! our link is:

  7. Hi,
    I spoke to Jewels at the Nicho winery on Saturday about the Maker Space and possible funding ideas. Here are some options: However the SpAusnet grant I was thinking of has now closed, but there are other ones here. You could ring and speak to Ruth Fitzclarence for ideas…she’s the grants officer and is very lovely and will give you ideas.

    Be aware also the Council has a discretionary budget, so feel free to write a letter to the mayor or Councillors. See
    Also there is an Arts advisory board.
    I’m the sustainability officer (part-time 2 days) and love your idea, but have limited time to be involved. The other idea I had was linking in with the Tip Shop?? Getting some of their items and fixing them up. I know of a great project in the latrobe valley, where they got old and dumped bikes from the tip, and did them up with disenfranchised youth, who then got to keep the bikes! Was a great success I gather. Anyway, I’d like to help where I can and will keep my eyes open for more grant/funding options.

    Kind regards

    Beck Lamble

  8. Dear Sir,
    My name is Mohammed Amjad kassbashy . I am a 4th year biomedical engineering student at the Faculty of electrical and mechanical engineering – Damascus University, Syria.

    I am a member in the first hackerspace in my country which is making it’s first step and I’m a part of a team try to prepare the place with proper tools , equipments and some electronics stuff .
    We in the hackerspace plane to make a list of these tools which contains until now the following :
    oscilloscope – multimeter -power supply – some transistors (General use) – common stuff ( resistors – capacitors – LEDs -relay … ) – microcontrollers programmers (PIC-AVR) – LCDs/GLCDs/7SEGs – sensors (humidity – temperature -ultrasonic ) – motors (DCs with gears- steppers – servos) – soldering tools – microcontrollers (atmega8 – atmega328 – PIC16D877) – arduino shields(Ethernet) – breakouts(bluetooth-RF) -arduino UNO s – robotic KIT .

    I have read about your hackerspace on the internet and I would like to give me some advices according to your experience :
    what the components and instruments that we should Compilation to build our young hackerspace ?
    How do you manage them ?
    How do your members use them ?
    How do you protect valuable parts from damaige ?
    what do you do if it get damaged ?

    I would appreciate if you send me information about what we should do….
    Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance,,,
    Best regards

  9. Scott/Danny
    Thought you might be interested in a subsidised course from Auspicious Arts Incubators. It is a heavily subsidised, pilot course: Cert IV in Small Business for the Arts. An 11 month program with a half day group class in Melbourne every month + an individual 2 hour session every 6 weeks. Applicants need an ABN.
    For more info contact John Paul Fischbach from Auspicious Arts (03)9948 4086

  10. We are working on a brand new website for Makers. – A virtual Stage from which Makers can share their projects and ideas with like-minded people.

    I’d like to invite you to check out the website, and to submit your Makerspace to our brand new (and free) makerspace directory…

    Rick Sisco

  11. Hello,

    I am an employee of Maker Media and am contacting you regarding your
    Makerspace. On our Makerspace website we keep a directory of established and
    developing Makerspaces to keep the community building. If you have already
    been contacted about this, is it because we did not receive any information
    from you, we apologize for the duplicate messages. Attached is a simple form
    that we find to be important to the community and truly value your
    participation. If you have any questions keep free to contact me, thank you.

    Kelley Benck
    Engineering Intern | Maker Media
    MAKE \\ Maker Faire

    I’ve invited you to fill out the form Makerspace Directory Form. To fill it
    out, visit:

  12. Hi,

    I am currently working in the Makerspace in Oslo and was looking up a similar kind of arrangement for when I head back to Australia. Although I won’t be based in QLD, I just thought I would say well done for organising this and good luck. These spaces are awesome!!!

    All the best,


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