Makercation Nov 22nd 2013

It was a good turnout this week, and most of us stayed longer than usual.

Forging swords from cardboard and glue.
Using the old paper press to glue multiple layers for extra strength.IMAG1031

Another session of crafty stuff.

Also campfire.
IMAG1012 IMAG1014 IMAG1040

Darcy attempted to fire a clay brick. It partly worked, but the process is going to need improvement.
IMAG1016 IMAG1020

The Windows 98 installation got corrupted, so go-go-gadget reinstall.

Meanwhile, Crystal Castles.

We also worked at setting up some lightweight software to get the most out of the pile of Dells donated to us last year. Preparing to send some out into the wild. More about this endeavor in a later post.

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